Responsive eCommerce

Responsive design is the newest format that allows the same look and feel of a website on all platforms. Responsive works on smart phones like an iPhone, Android, or a Windows phone. The same site will layout identically on tablets and computers alike. The only difference is the reposition of the sizing of the site. Check it out on our new website,

Now that we have responsive covered, let’s talk about eCommerce. It’s one thing to have a site with responsive design, it’s another to have an eCommerce website with the same features. As a business owner with a shopping cart, you need to be aware of the importance of potential customers having the ability to purchase on the go. A responsive designed shopping cart makes it incredibly easy to checkout from a smartphone, tablet or computer while having the same experience on all devices.

Lastly, the benefit of having responsive design with your eCommerce site is the ability to make changes once and have it apply to all platforms. The same process goes for adding products online, one and done. For business owners this is a huge time savings and helps streamline the process.

If you’re a business owner looking for a website with responsive eCommerce, contact us today and we can show you how to save some time and money.

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