Mobile Website changes coming!

So I recently read a blog about Google changing some of the results of mobile websites. Here is our take on all of this.

We’ve seen this coming from the big G since 2013 so it’s no surprise that is finally happening now. Those waiting to upgrade their mobile or those refusing to optimize will now pay the penalty of not getting traffic when users are searching on the go. While it may not be an easy fix for some business owners, it’s Google’s way of pushing people to upgrade their websites, which is probably a good thing. With the widespread increase of mobile users, we should cater to those surfing on the go.


If you’re wondering if your site is mobile friendly or not, check out the link at the beginning of the article and they’ve got some great developer tools to test your website and help you make adjustments. If you’re not a do-it-yourself type of person, we at Brinks offer an evaluation and a free price quote on optimizing your website for mobile, as well as an overhaul of your full site.

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